January 2019

Thank you, I   feel very blessed to have all of you and your pets as my Customers. 


Happy New Year!


Winter has arrived. We will be seeing colder temperatures and possible Snow.

As a reminder, if it is under 20 degrees and snowy all dog let out and walks will be limited. Your pup’s safety is of most importance. 

Cold Weather ideas to keep your pup busy.

· Play Hide and Seek with your pup. This will help reinforce your pups recall.

If you are the only one available to play with your pup you can hide, call pups name and have him find you. If you have several individuals available, you can be in separate rooms and call your pups name. This will keep them active both physically and mentally. Make sure to reward with plenty of treats.

·  A great mental exercise for your pup is Puzzle Toys, chew Toys and stuffed Kongs. They are wonderful items to have to occupy your pet. 

· Play search games, you can hide your pups’ favorite toy or treat and have him search. Make sure you reward him when he finds his search item